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Help us to Build a Resourceful School in Awassa, Ethiopia

Our goal is to build and operate a K-12 school - the Panafric International Academy. It will be a school for children of all ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. By providing a dynamic and supportive classroom environment based on an enhanced international standard of education, we will make a difference in the lives of the next African generation.

TEACH THEM HOW TO FISH - That is the help needed!

 fishEthiopian immigrants are not strengers to the existing stereotype associated with their homeland. For many minds, Ethiopia is a country so dependent on foreign aid and one that may never pull itself out of poverty.

The genesis of that perception might be traced back to the mid nineteen-eighties where the horrible famine that ravaged the norther part of Ethiopia was brought into every household through the television screen- the Michael Buerk 1984 BBC documentary.


For the Sake of the Future Generation

“Transformation” is a recent buzz word in Ethiopia. The politicians of the ruling party and the state television constantly introduce this English word into almost any conversation. It gives the impression that either the targeted audience is those outside of Ethiopia or the Amharic equivalent (i.e. lew’T) is too dynamic for the context it's been used.



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